Northern Vermont Region


Vermont NSP License Plate Application



Are You a fan of Skiing, Boarding, Nordic Skiing, Ice Climbing, Winter Camping or Mountaineering as Sport and Adventure?

Are You a Student or Provider of Emergency Medicine and Care, Search and Rescue, Avalanche and Snow Pack Studies, or want to be?

Do You find Team Play and Service to the Community fulfilling past times?

Do You linger on the top of the Green Mountains (or your favorite perch) to catch early White Mountain Sunrises or Alpen-Glow Adirondack Sunsets?

Are you a Fan of Appalachain or Long Trails Hikes, Lake Champlain Reflections and Powder?

Ski Patrols stationed along the Green Mountains and North East Kingdom have served the Skiing and Outing Public since the beginning of American Downhill and Nordic Skiing.

The Northern Vermont Region saw it's foundation of the National Ski Patrol reach across the country and around the World as early Patrollers and 10th Mountain Division Skiers served alpine citizens.

Are You interested In providing Outdoor Emergency Care and Mountain/Resort Rescue?

Are You an Active Patroller seeking continued education?

Welcome to the Northern Vermont Ski Patrol.