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Rena Perkins has been elected the NVT Section Chief.

Jay Peak Patroller's Husband wins "First Tracks" Contest

Kudos to a fellow NVT Ski Patroller! This link below pertains to Anne Conner, a member of the Jay Peak Ski Patrol, who won an all expense paid trip withher family to go to Utah to meet with the USA Olympic Ski Team. Anne's husband Ian, entered the "First Tracks" contest and they won the contest to go to Utah to meet with the USA Ski Team. The link tells the story. In it, they also mentioned she patrols at Jay Peak, so there is a bit of "advertisment potental" there. In addition, Anne is looking for any donations people may wish to make to the USA Ski Team, that she could present to them when they go. Unfortuantely, time is short (they are going Nov 4-5), so if you want to donate funds to Team USA, conact Anne at:

Here is the link to Team USA and First Tracks contest announcement:

Sandy Macy Receives Lifetime/Emeritus

The Certified Lifetime Member Committee anounced at this years Certified Exam and Meeting held over the last weekend, March, 27-29 at Sugarloaf, ME., that Sandy Macy of the Sugarbush VT. Ski Patrol was nominated for and has received Lifetime/Emeritus status from the committee. A tremendous honor and quite an accomplishment indeed. Congratulations Sandy!

Sandy has been a Certified member since the very early 70's and carries Certified Number 23. I have been informed by many members in the know that Sandy is currently the longest active tenure holder in the Certified membership. Sandy is also the current NVT Region Certified Advisor. If you would like to know more about this challenging and worthwhile program, drop him a note, he'll fill you in on the various details. Congratulations again Sandy.

Jay Whitney
NVT/ROA, Certified Member No.476, Smuggler's Notch Ski Patrol


The much-buzzed-about "Ski Sentinels: The Story of the
National Ski Patrol" documentary is now available
right here through the on-line NSP Winter Catalog,
item #17191. The 54-minute documentary, produced in
2007 for the New England Ski Museum, details the birth
of the NSP and captures pivotal moments in the
organization's history. The documentary takes viewers
from the early days of the NSP through the opening of
big mountains in the West and the advent of avalanche
control. Members can log in, click on the Winter
Catalog, and purchase the DVD for only $18.

Film's Role in Popularizing Alpine Skiing in America
By Richard W. Moulton

Background Article from the Sentinal film producer,
MRG's own skier/film maker Rick Moulton.

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